• Sit backand relax, you're on holiday! Photo via @Presserom, Vegvesen.no, Norway.

    Easter Holiday Traffic

  • Tour Auto: the Ferrari 250 GT SWB Breadvan – aka 250 GTO Drogo – departs from Valence this morning on the final leg of the 2014 Tour Auto Optic 2000 rally. The – really amazing – six day, 2,500km event finishes this evening in Marseilles. Catch up with all the action at @Tour_Auto, and/or see Tuesday’s @DriveEurope for an overview.

    A Baltic Express – Breadvan on Tour

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  • Afsluitdijk: protestors blocked the A7 causeway motorway this afternoon in a row about new windmills being erected on the Ijsselmeer lake. Built in 1933 it stretches over 20 miles between Den Oever and Zurich in north west Netherlands, damming off Ijsselmeer - Europe's largest freshwater lake, from the North Sea.

    France Go-Slow Protests – Afsluitdijk Demo

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  • roosegaarde crop

    World’s First Glowing Road – Strangers in Moscow

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  • Santa Caterina and the Statua del Cristo Redentore, outside Maratea, 'the pearl of the Tyrrhenian' about 140 miles south of Naples, south west Italy.

    The Five Brests Rally – Maratea

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  • Without going into any details – like why, particularly – Bentley reveals it has let its new 520bhp GT V8S loose on west Balkan roads. It’s currently driving from Otocec in south central Slovenia to Zadar on the Croatian coast. Avoiding motorways that’s about 180 miles direct via the must-visit Plitvice Lakes and Waterfalls.

    Grand Departs Tour Auto – Balkans Bentley

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  • Random: the car park gates of the Estonian National Opera in Tallinn. Pic via @HLintu, Hannu Lintu, chief conductor of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Thank you.

    Dutch Motorway Protest P2 – Parking Conductor

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  • Nothing illustrates the steamroller nature of new roads ploughing through the countryside than this shot of the S17 at Lublin, 170km south east of Warsaw. On the other hand, the previously Lublin was once the poorest the poorest city in the EU until Romania joined in 2007.

    Poland Picture Project

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  • In its first week, and nearly 700 miles, our nine speed automatic Range Rover Evoque achieved an indicated 38.1mpg. Incidentally, the engine was already run-in at the factory though apparently it settles down completely at around 4,500 miles.

    Bosnian Golfs – Evoque mileage – Highway Runway

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  • Jaguar On Ice: more later.

    New Audi driving centre – Jaguar on Ice

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