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    Road Works A16 between Calais and Dunkirk.

  • Route National 5: Geneva-Dijon. More later.

    A Nice Drive Along N5: Geneva-Dole-Dijon

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    LDLines Stops Both UK-Spain Ferries – Dariali Gorge Landslide 2

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    Frankfurt A3: Danger Lurking 20cm Below the Surface – Saxony’s Silberstrasse

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    A Great Week for Condor Ferries – Iceland Volcano

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  • Kimi Raikkonen from the inside of the Rivage hairpin at the top of Spa Francorchamps circuit, Belgian Grand Prix 2013. Photo @DriveEurope.

    Driving The Original Belgian Grand Prix Circuit + A Great Place To Watch The Race

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  • Meanwhile, Euroferries refuses to go away. The on/off fast ferry between Ramsgate and Boulogne – crossing time 1h15, prices from £49 - has been announced so many times nobody now really takes it seriously. However, a new ‘five year, six figure’ shirt sponsorship deal with Millwall Football Club, signed in July, has raised eyebrows. The company also aims to operate a scheduled coach service between Ramsgate/Canterbury and London. Like the ferry however, a start date is yet to be announced. See euroferries.co.uk or euroferriesexpress.co.uk for more. Photo @MillwallFC

    Intro Offer New UK-Denmark Ferry – Euroferries – Maserati 12k Roadtrip

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  • On the road to Albula. More later.

    Stelvio to St Moritz: Albulapass

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    Stelvio to Saint Moritz: Fluela Pass

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  • Idyllic family scene apart from someone forgot to bring a knife for the melon. Porsche 924 from @PorscheOrigin

    UK to Scandinvia Ferry Link Restored

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