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    LIVEBLOG: Calais Migrant Crisis

  • Dover port + town green-lights £120m redevelopment plan. More later.

    Dover Revamp

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  • Road of the Ridges, Vosges, France. More later.

    Road of the Ridges

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    Felbertauern Toll Discriminatory – Last UK-Scandinavia Ferry Departs

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    Driving Cow Mountain: Kuhtai Saddle, Innsbruck. 16%, 2020m

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    ‘Dover Blockade’ Passes Without Major Incident

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  • Super-fast French rally driver Francois Delecour will race Tuthill’s Porsche 911 GT3 RGT at the French round of the World Rally Championship in Alsace next month. With the car also allowed more power, the entry will be a big step up from last month’s Rally Germany where Tuthill secured the first WRC championship finish for a 911 in twenty years. This time the team is targeting a top 15 spot. Delecour tried to enter a 911 in the WRC in 2007 but, he says, was barred by competing manufacturers jealous of the attention the car was sure to get. Fellow French rally driver Romain Dumas will also rally a 911 in France, a higher powered 4.0GT3 RS…

    Luxembourg Considers Vignette Road Tax – Fine Strike Belgium

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    Gotthard II Approved – New Viral Volvo Video – Rome CZ

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    New Dashcam Rules Around Europe – Rallye Austria Legends

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    New Paris (and Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon) Pollution Measures – Groundbreaking Cyprus Rally

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  • Ponte Stretto: a bridge across the Strait of Messina, linking Sicily and the Italian mainland permanently for the first time, is back on the agenda after the original project was cancelled during the financial crisis. The boss of construction company Salini Impreglio tells ANSA he has discussed it with PM Matteo Renzi and even promised to forgo the cancellation fee due from the last time. Renzi is likely to be open to the idea as part of his ‘Sblocca Italia’ initiative to revive stalled infrastructure projects. Construction is likely to take six years. The route is currently served by high frequency ro-ro ferry between Messina and Villa San Giovanni. The crossing takes twenty minutes with return tickets including car costing €37-73.

    Record Run: 19 Countries in 24 hours – Ponte Stretto

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