• Police in the South of France were surprised to find a teenage boy behind the wheel of this Nissan GTR after it sped past them at 212kmh (130mph) yesterday. The seventeen year old was flashed by mobile radar on the N88 at Yssingeaux south west of St Etienne. Drivers caught at more than 40kmh over the speed limit normally face having their licences taken away on the spot, though not in this case as the young lad hasn't yet passed his test.

    Kid Speed

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  • Endless miles of tree-lined roads in Luxembourg, but not for much longer.

    Killer Foliage: The End of The Tree-Lined Avenue?

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  • 2 1

    All Season Tyre Test Update: Fuel Economy

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  • Light + Charge: BMW's electric i3 can now be charged from street lights. Not any old street lights obviously, only specially designed BMW 'modular LED' street lights. Now installed at BMW Welt in Munich but no doubt coming

    Finland Snow Chaos – BMW Light + Charge

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  • europol 2

    Europol in Action

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  • From Touring Club Italia. More later.

    Touring Club Italia

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  • Porsche submits a planning application today about erecting this Goodwood-style sculpture between its museum and factory on Porscheplatz in Zuffenhausen north east Stuttgart. Twenty four meters high, and ten wide, each of the three steel spikes has a different 911 model at the top to represent fifty years of the car’s manufacture at the site. Presuming permission is granted, the sculpture will be built next summer and unveiled in the autumn.

    Another Bad Month on French Roads – Porscheplatz

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  • Hot Dates this Winter: when you don't want to drive. More later.

    Hot Dates This Winter: Days Not To Drive

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    All-Season Tyre Test: First Impressions

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  • And again just a few weeks ago, heading north this time (back) to the – equally amazing – twenty mile long A20 Afsluitdijk causeway motorway in northern Holland.

    Five Roads With Amazing Airport Views

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