• A montage of all the photos submitted so far for the DFDS Summer Photo Competition. Win a free ferry crossing and a £250 Amazon voucher. Submit photos at #DFDS by 14 September.

    Norwegian Seaways: No News Is Good News

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  • Roadside rebel recruitment poster in Donetsk, east Ukraine. Photo via @KiritRadia

    EU Takes Harder Line on German ‘Foreigner Vignette’ – Kerch Bridge Or Tunnel?

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  • The red dots of Tesla’s operational supercharger network now spreads across the Continent like an angry rash. There are now 42 open - 28 on mainland Europe - stretching from Nordkapp in northern Norway (above) down through Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and now even Slovenia. In the past few weeks six have opened around the main A6/A7 autoroutes to the South of France from Paris. Within a few months the network will have doubled; by the end of the year it will have tripled. The superchargers provide half a charge in 20 minutes at no cost. Tesla says superchargers will always be free for Model S owners. Photo via @Tesla_Europe. See teslamotors.com/en_GB/supercharger for more.

    ‘Transfagarasan’ Motorway Still Years Away – Tesla Free Charge Network Growing Fast

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  • The view from the Seehotel Waldstatterhof

    Driving The Loop: The Logisitics

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    Das Loop #6: Furka Pass.

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  • It's long term future is still in doubt but while legal action is on-going MyFerryLink will continue to serve the Dover-Calais route until the end of the year at least. More later.

    Weekend Traffic: Could be Worse – MyFerryLink to Appeal Dover Ruling

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  • TEAM Sky might be out of contention but the squad will still attract its fair share of attention at this weekend’s Tour de France finale thanks to its booming pair of Jaguar support vehicles. Alongside the five litre V8 XF Sportbreak sits a similarly powered, custom built F-TYPE coupe. The latter features special channels cut into the tailgate – among other things – to accommodate two racing bikes, all designed and built by Jaguar’s new Special Vehicle Operations bespoke outfit. With speeds rarely breaking 60mph both cars are totally over the top but it is this latent power that is so sexy, no?

    Steep Tolls on new A35 Milan-Brescia – Latent Power Tour de France

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  • Sexy new buildings at Porsche's development centre at Weissach, just off the A8 west of Stuttgart. Includes a concept car studio, a wind tunnel and 'Electronics Integration Centre'.

    France Auto-toll Overcharge Warning – Trendy Tractor Touring

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    Das Loop #5: scary Susten Pass.

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  • The Ennstal Classic. More later.

    EU Promotes Austria-style Fuel Price Regulation – Ennstal Classic

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