• Brussels city centre no-car zone looking north up major thoroughfare Anspachlaan with the Beurs stock exchange on the right. Photo @DriveEurope

    Tempers Fray Over New Brussels Pedestrian Zone

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  • A Gumball 3000 stalwart has cried off this year citing the drinking and the route. Speaking on his YouTube channel, the Swedish freestyle ski entrepreneur Jon Olsson - who normally takes part in an array of lary Audis, or his Rebellion R2K – says he has already visited many of the places on this year’s rally and has been on a health kick since last summer… meanwhile, the Gumball 3000 cars departed Dublin yesterday afternoon on the first leg of this year’s event, to Edinburgh. From there they call in at a further nine control points or overnight stops on their way across the Continent - via Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary – before the finish in Bucharest on Friday 6 May marked, of course, with a huge party. Drivers are free to pick their own route between stops. Follow live tracking here, or see more at Gumball3000.com. Photo Jon-Olsson.com

    A Super-Busy Fortnight Ahead on the Roads

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  • Turku: the ferry shortcut between Stockholm and Helsinki.

    Spain Focuses on Main Roads, Vans and Bikers

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  • A police escort into Palazzo Vecchio in Florence for drivers on the latest Bentley Grand Drive. More later.

    EU Acts Against British and German Foreigner Tolls

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  • Lithuanian police had an amazing strike rate in last week's Speed Blitz. More later.

    Mega Strike Rate for Speed Blitz Lithuania Police

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  • Zaha Hadid’s posthumous Stazione Marittima di Salerno. Photo Comune Salerno.

    Zaha Hadid’s Fabulous New Ferry Terminal in Salerno

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    Austria Arlberg Tunnel Starts Summer Closure

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  • 2048m Oberalppass east from Andermatt near Gotthard in south central Switzerland opened on schedule last Wednesday and the first drive films are already posted on YouTube. Meanwhile, 2188m Splugen Pass, above, which marks the border of the West and East Alps between Switzerland and Italy, opened on Saturday, just a couple of days later than expected. The next lot of high alpine passes start to open from Sunday 1 May. However, with fresh deep snow over the weekend on its recently cleared roads, doubts remain about Stelvio, normally open in early May.

    Old Road Exposed Col du Mont Cenis

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  • It was though the migrant crisis would see police so stretched they couldn't stage the now traditional '24h 'Blitz Marathon' anti-speed campaign.

    Member State Freight Rules Threaten Single Market

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  • The winter tyre requirement ends today, 15 April, in Italy and Austria. More later.

    Winter Tyre Rules End In Italy and Austria

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